Welcome to explore and share thoughts with me. You find more information in the 'Info' section above but in brief, my name is Melina Luukka and this is my website: a place to share my work, journey and thoughts about things that I find intriguing. I have been twiddling the idea of a blog and an online portfolio for a while and I'm happy to share this all with you now. As this blog is my tool to grow and process my ideas, I wanted this to have a work title. I present you Stir and Discover.

The project name took its form when I got an idea to set up a travel blog that is spiced up with design. The idea developed and I wanted to do it properly and after I started my semester long studies here in Falmouth University, I really got into making it. 

One must never lose the ability to wonder, build good, ask questions, explore and stir it up a little. Those are the very key elements of being and staying happy.

2.1  Rise or wake from sleep: 

The night's respite must have revitalized him, for he was stirring, even rising.

2.2 Leave or go out of (a place):

You can be Indian living in America or American living in India; and sometimes, like the chatty souls at the call centers in India, you can be both and not even stir from your chair!

2.3 Begin or cause to begin to be active or to develop:

'the 1960s, when the civil rights movement stirred'

3.1 Arouse or prompt (a feeling or memory) or inspire (the imagination):

As it stirs our emotions with memories, it also makes possible the construction of a never-to-be forgotten narrative sequence.


At the moment I'm working on a polypropylene chair for educational market. I'm also doing research on the topic ideas for my upcoming thesis and I'll update the processes here among other things. Till next time!