Photographer Katriina Rouvinen

story behind this

My name is Melina Luukka and I'm a newly graduated Designer from Finland. This is my portfolio, universal journal and a place to share things that interest and inspire me. I studied Design in Turku University of Applied Sciences between 2013-2018, and I also did a student exchange period in Falmouth University, UK, where my major was Sustainable Product Design.

I'm dipping toes in technology and diving into Design, Graphics and sustainability. In the process of understanding the meaning of Design and growing into it, I have made a quantum jump forward. I have gained passion to dig deeper than the surface and I'm working for a better understanding in many aspects of designing a better future. That part will come more visible in my work section as I keep searching information and generating new content and ideas.

Both me and this website are works in progress and we will evolve during the ride. As a designer I'm in the beautiful state of discovering the possibilities, information, knowledge and really the whole universe around us. Hope you enjoy viewing my work and thoughts!